Sayali's encounter with the "Don" (Saturday, 26-August-2006) *


My sister, Sayali @ Divya, had been to Mumbai to meet SRK... She narrates the day she can never forget as good as her birthday. Read on...

26th August, 2006 is one of my most unforgettable days in life. That is because I met the DON, King Khan, SHAHRUKH KHAN!!!

I won a Contest called “Don Ke Saath Kaun” on the 24th of August on Radio Mirchi’s ‘Bumper to Bumper’ hosted by Mandy. And the award was SRK :)


Here’s how I went through. The first round was a talent round. The question was ‘How would you impress SRK if you meet him?’ For this I played my Casio and showed my unique talent. I played ‘Tere Liye…’ tune from Veer-Zaara and was selected for the next round.

Four other were competing me for the second round. We were supposed to guess the movie of the song being played. I scored 5 on 5. By the end, Manasi and Sanjay passed to the semi-final round with me.

The third round was rapid fire round. In this we rapidly had to answer Mandy’s questions related to SRK. I scored 3/5 in this round and had a tie with Manasi.

Then, we had the last tie-breaker question. Both of us were really nervous. This time, the person to answer first was to win the contest! Then Mandy asked the question. The question was ‘What was the name of the character Madhuri played in Devdas?’ I answered ‘Chandramukhi’ first and won… I was so excited that I cannot put this in words. Celerity was more important than knowledge in this round.


Next day, on the 25th, another contestant, named Priyanka, was chosen. Then on the 26th morning, which was a Saturday, we three (Mandy, Myself and Priyanka) gathered at the Radio Mirchi – Pune Office. At around 11 we left Pune by road. WOW! We were so excited!


Radio Mirchi had hired a car for us. On the way, Mandy thought of waiting and having something. So somewhere near Lonavla, we stopped at a Food Mall to eat something. Me and Priyanka had a sandwich each, Mandy had cup of corn. Poor her, the corns were tasting very bad :P. She was like “It’s tasting as if he’s put pesticides in it”. So she went and got it changed. First he refused to change it but then looking at the way in which Mandy was staring at him, he got scared and immediately gave her fresh corns :)). Then we got some packets of Lays, Kurkure and Chocolates packed for us to eat on the way. There too she scolded a person because he was charging extra. Great Mandy!


On the way, we kept guessing which clothes SRK might wear on the day. I said Black or Gray, Mandy said may be a shade of red and Priyanka said something white.


The next stop was directly Radio Mirchi – Mumbai Office. We reached there around 4 pm. By the time we reached there, we were quite tired but SRK’s thought kept us charged. We had very tasty Hot-Chocolate. Yummy!! Still can’t forget it. After a long journey, it gave us a nice kick.


In the Mumbai Mirchi studio, we met the RJs of Mumbai: Sana – the Khubsoorat host, Neha – the Dr. Love and the Total Filmi Host (Sorry I don’t remember his name).


Around 5:20 pm, we left for the InOrbit Mall in Malad. We went there with a few more winners who had come from Mumbai, Delhi. Hey and now even RJ Smita had joined us. That was a real surprise. Both the RJs from Pune, the Managing Director and some winners went in the other car. Now, I don’t need to mention the pathetic traffic in Mumbai. We got stuck. One of the Mumbai RJs, Sana, was with us. She was continuously getting calls from different people asking where we all are. At one place, she got a call saying “SRK has arrived”. Oh my God! We all had lost the hope of meeting him now. But later we knew that it was a rumor and that that person was kidding. Thanks, God!. Somehow, we managed to reach the Mall by 6:30 pm. But the next thing was, we didn’t know where we were supposed to go and where our RJs were; luckily we had the phone number of the Managing Director. One of the girls who were accompanying us called her up and we finally found them. Now the climax ends and the best part of the story begins…..


We got seats in the VIP section right in front of the stage. RJ Tarun anchored the show. He was interviewing Om Puri when we reached. Soon the interview was over and Isha Kopikar was invited to the stage. Even she shared a few words with us and left. Then suddenly the lights went off!!!


Hey! The lights went off because the dance show was to begin. There was a lovely performance given by a group of people on the track “Main Hoon Don”. And then, the real Don, the King Khan, SHAHRUKH KHAN entered the stage. He was looking as handsome as ever with a Black Shirt and a Black Suit. Yippee! My guess what right. He was wearing Black. The people around went crazy seeing him. Then he spoke a few words. Also he said a few dialogues from his next release DON. Then they launched their music of Don. There were also celebrities like Shankar, Ehsaan, Loy, Farhaan Akhtar. Then Shahrukh went back-stage.


 All the Radio-Mirchi winners were asked to come there to meet him. As expected, a huge rush was trying to go there and meet him. So the security was very tight. First they didn’t let us in. The situation was becoming very chaotic. But then a volunteer from Radio Mirchi came in and asked them to leave us inside. Then, we all were waiting in a queue to meet him. After sometime, we were allowed to go inside a room where SRK was sitting and giving interviews to channels like Zoom. That was the moment I felt, ‘Yes, I am going to meet him’. Until that moment, I was not 100% sure that I will see him or talk to him.


Then, finally the moment came. Smita, Priyanka, me and Mandy were standing in a line to go to him. Smita was asking Priyanka to move in fast. She went in, shook hands with him and gave him a Cadbury. He said thanks and kissed her on her forehead. Next was me. My heartbeats had doubled the speed… I hardly believed that I am actually standing at a distance of 0.5 inches from Shahrukh Khan! His eyes were mesmerizing. I just forgot the whole world for a moment. He asked me, “Even you are a winner?” I said “Yes”.  Then he shook hand with me, hugged me and kissed me on my forehead. Oh my God! What could I say next? Rather, what would anyone on earth be able to say after a super star actually hugs you and kisses you on your forehead? So as expected I was just smiling and smiling and smiling and continuously kept on looking at him to believe my eyes. All I managed to say was, “I don’t believe that I am standing right in front of you!” Then I guess I was going to speak something else too but Mandy shouted from behind “Divya photo photo”. Shahrukh said, “Come here” and took me in his left arm for the photograph. I too held him round his waist. The photographer clicked one photo, Mandy also captured one. Then, Mandy came and stood between Shahrukh and Priyanka and Smita captured another photograph. Immediately, the security was asking us to go out fast. So I couldn’t even say “Bye” to Shahrukh. I hope I get a chance to complete my sentence. Just for the sake of co-operation, I left him soon and went out. Suddenly, we realized that we hadn’t taken his autograph. Mandy asked, “Do you want it? Fine, give me your dairy.” She took my dairy and went there to take his autograph. But the security said his hand is injured. I’m sure they were lying. Someday when I become a star, I am not going to give those people my autograph for sure. :)


Then we spoke to Charu, the Total Filmi host in Pune and who was doing Bumper to Bumper that day. We told him our experience. He asked me, “Kya Divya Ki haal hai??” (His typical style) and I told him in brief all that happened inside. You might have heard it on Radio Mirchi that evening.


Then, we had to leave back to Pune. So at around 8, we left Mumbai. On the way, we played Antakshari and had snacks. I then slept off because I was really very tired. At the Food Mall, Smita woke me up. It was 11pm. We had dinner. There too we were chatting, chatting and chatting. In fact, throughout the journey we were just chatting. But while returning, the main topic was Shahrukh Khan. They gave me a Radio Mirchi’s t-Shirt, which my bro snatched from me this morning. Nevertheless, I cleared the contest on my talent, but won it because of Madhuri Dixit, right? So, somewhere, my bro comes into picture here ;) as he’s the first and last person I remember when I see/hear Madhuri Dixit.


At 1:15 am, they dropped me at my residence. I thanked them all and climbed up my stairs. Couldn’t stop telling my Mumma all that happened but it was too late for her to listen, so we continued in the morning.


But really, I am very thankful to Mandy and Smita. Because of them, I got a chance to meet the Bollywood’s BIGGEST artist. Thank you so so so so so very much, Radio Mirchi! It’s really HOT…

SRK with Pune Winners...


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